Creality K1


Creality High Speed Printing K1 3D Printer, 600mm/s Max Speed, Hands-free Auto Leveling


This printer is fast - Max 600mm/s!

► With an acceleration of 20,000 mm/s², the Creality K1 ramps up to 600 mm/s in just 0.03 seconds, making it up to 12 times faster than other FDM printers on the market.

► Combines the nimble Core XY movement with a 190g lightweight printhead for less motion inertia.

Fast Heating and support for a variety of filament materials

► The K1 boasts a 32mm³/s max flow hot-end, equipped with a ceramic heater for rapid heating and a dual-gear direct extruder delivering 50N of extrusion force.
► Titanium alloy heat break and copper alloy nozzles: It excels at temperatures up to 300℃ - Supports a wide variety of filament materials and works great.

Easy to Use!

► Fully Assembled:The printer ships fully assembled. You just need to remove the packing foam and connect the touchscreen interface. This process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.
► Automatic Calibration and Self-testing: The K1's embedded strain sensors generate an accurate leveling mesh, ensuring optimal print quality without the need for manual adjustments.
► Dual Cooling Fans: Both printers are equipped with dual cooling fans, one on the printhead with air ducts that cool the model directly, and the second auxiliary fan in the build chamber to enhance the cooling effect, allowing the printed model to harden before any stringing and warping can occur.
► Advanced Filament Sensor and Support of Power Loss Recovery
► Flexible Build Plate and Quick-Heating Heatbed

Additional Features:

Simplified Slicing:
Take advantage of Creality Print 4.3, the latest slicer software designed specifically for the K1. With easy-to-use presets and streamlined slicing processes, the K1 can achieve high-speed printing with variable line width and arc paths.

Smart Creality OS and Hardware:
Experience the power of Creality OS, featuring a user-friendly interface that seamlessly syncs data and commands across various devices and add-on modules. The dual-core 1.2GHz CPU ensures high-speed printing, while the 8G RAM provides ample storage for up to 400 model files.

WiFi Connectivity and Remote Control (Optional):
Connect the K1 to your network and enjoy the convenience of wireless printing. Control and monitor your prints remotely via Creality Print or Creality Cloud APP/WEB. Receive notifications on your phone or PC upon print completion or abnormalities. With the Creality K1, you can achieve lightning-fast printing speeds, exceptional performance, and seamless integration with advanced features. Let your creativity soar and explore new horizons in 3D printing!

Additional information

Weight33 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 22 in


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